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Africa: Status of Transfer Pricing in Africa (Part 1)

Status of transfer pricing in Africa (Part I) ENSafrica Celia Becker Status of transfer pricing in Africa (Part I) Tanzania publicly released its Transfer Pricing Regulations (the Tanzanian Regulations) in May 2014, joining the growing number of African jurisdictions whose transfer pricing regimes have progressed beyond broad general anti-avoidance provisions based on the arm’s length […]

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S.AFRICA: Documentation in tax disputes highlighted in the New dispute resolution rules

Article by Stephen Levetan and Taryn Solomon ENSafrica The new rules promulgated under section 103 of the Tax Administration Act No. 28 of 2011, which prescribe the procedures to be followed in tax disputes, took effect on 11 July 2014. These rules replaced the rules previously promulgated under section 107A of the Income Tax Act in their entirety, and […]

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S.AFRICA: Collection & exchange of tax related information by tax authorities

Article by Mathabo Magolego ENSafrica Tax authorities across the globe are working aggressively to collect taxes which they believe are collectable in their respective jurisdictions. States are entering into bilateral and multilateral agreements aimed at assisting each other in the collection of information and taxes. South Africa has actively taken part and in some respects been a regional leader in issues relating […]

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